What is Your Smugness?

Make It Your Problem

I am an activist and realize that I can come across as a self righteous martyr( even though I made a resolution in 2008 to stop tilting and windmills). I can say ” that I don’t want anyone to do everything but I want everyone to do something” but realize that it sounds like you are not doing your share.

I conserve energy, use private transportation sparingly, recycle and can still feel that I am being smuggly dismissed by vegan cyclists who by their declarations point a green finger at me.

I am a voracious (if not discriminate) reader who understands the pointed barbs from literati when I disclose that I read YA or Chick Lit or Mystery this year.

I am a follower of God, in the Way of Jesus, and can feel undermined by the scientific elite or humanists and chastised by zealots and evangelicals.

Can I be…

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