Congress Locks Pentagon into Commercial Item Ripoffs


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“Simply stated, Congress just forced DoDinto a worse buying position than the one that it is in.

The FY 2016 Defense Authorization Bill (Sect. 851-857)  will continue to expand the buying of military-only items, limit DoD’s access to contractor pricing information, restrict conversions when an item no longer has a commercial market, and essentially lock the government into previous commercial determinations and prices.

Quietly and without fanfare, The Department of Defense (DoD) has terminated a proposed rule that would have prevented the waste of billions of taxpayer dollars on so-called “commercial” items. These are items that are supposedly sold in the consumer marketplace. The rule was proposed in August, but was fiercely opposed by defense contractors, their lawyers, and some members of Congress.

To understand the issue, it’s important to note that the government often buys “commercial” goods and services…

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