Open Source Software Went Nuclear This Year


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“2015 was the year open source software gained new significance, thanks to Apple and Google and Elon Musk.

Now more than ever, even the most powerful tech companies and entrepreneurs are freely sharing the code underlying their latest technologies.

They recognize this will accelerate not only the progress of technology as a whole, but their own progress as well. It’s altruism with self-interest. And it’s how the tech world now works.

“This is not just a turning point, but a tipping point,” says Brandon Keepers, the head of open source at GitHub, the online service that sits at the heart of the open source universe.

Apple Opens Up

This year, Apple open sourced the Swift programming language—a big departure from how it operated before. For the most part, Apple kept the code underpinning its previous language, Objective-C, to itself, ensuring that it ran only on Apple devices. By…

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