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Stay very “Still”, I’m learning something new!

Source: Stay very “Still”, I’m learning something new!


F-35 “The $ 1 Trillion Swiss Army Knife”

Source: F-35 “The $ 1 Trillion Swiss Army Knife”

F-35 “The $ 1 Trillion Swiss Army Knife”


f-35 Images:  DOD


“2,400 planes are planned by the late 2030s — projected total costs will exceed $1 trillion.

One billion dollars will be needed just to pay for the highly advanced pilot helmets, running to $400,000 apiece.

It breaks with the past by meeting the requirements of three military branches — the Air Force, Navy and Marines — each of which traditionally developed its own planes. Three in one. Swiss Army knife. Jack-of-all-trades. These are some of the labels attached to the F-35.

And though champions of the supersonic F-35 hail it as the ultimate sky fighter for the 21st century, skeptics ask if it is worth all the money and effort, or even if it will prove as effective in its mission as David’s little stone was in its day.

To put it mildly, the Joint Strike Fighter is a complex piece of machinery. History…

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Challenge the Process

Make It Your Problem

A continuation from yesterday’s post regarding  Kouzes and Posner Five Practices from ” Leadership Challenge”.

I begin by confessing that I am not really a process guy. I tend towards variation on a theme and so I try not walk home the same way twice in a row. I still get home but following Dr Seuss’s advice I get to say;”And that is a story that no one can beat And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.,

That said, challenging the process can still be daunting. The bounded rationality of success however limited fixes the path. Process is just the path that others have discovered that takes us from A to R  supposedly efficiently and effectively. But locking into ABCDEF…R reduces the possibility of discovery, excitement and improvement. Maybe ABDLR works and we create something valuable and unexpected along the way.

Go for a meandering walk today…

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The Power of Personal Branding and Presence-Interpersonal Skills and Self Development – Meirc Training And Consulting

Source: The Power of Personal Branding and Presence-Interpersonal Skills and Self Development – Meirc Training And Consulting

Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm

DETart Blog

Is your Website mobile ready?

The change of Googles Ranking Algorithm is important for every Website.

The background on this is quite simple as you see at the Infographic. Since 2015 there are more mobile visitors than desktop visitors on Websites. So Google is more than right to do this change in the ranking algorithm. To check your rank, there are different tools. One of them is Page Rank Checker

Check your Website for Mobile use and make sure it works and it look nice!

Have a look to your Website with your mobile and judge yourself.

Use a Mobile Simulator

An easy tool to view your Website from different mobile devices might be on of the different Mobile Simulators.

I just did a test with and here you see some results

aixvox on iphone5 Website on iPhone 5

aixvox on nokia Website on Nokia Lumia

aixvox on IPAD Website on iPad

As you see, it looks a bit…

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Roast corn in Abuja, Nigeria

The Opportunist

Motorists drop by regularly to enjoy this tasty corn... Are you drooling yet? Motorists drop by regularly to enjoy this tasty corn… Are y’all drooling yet?

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