Pentagon Moving 13,000 Civilians Out of the GS System



“The Air Force is transitioning 13,000 civilian employees away from the General Schedule toward a new personnel system.

AcqDemo reduces the 22 “occupational families” in the GS system to just three: Business Management and Technical Management, Technical Management Support, and Administration Support.

Congress originally created AcqDemo — formally known as the Acquisition Demonstration Project — in 1996 to give managers greater control over the Defense Department’s acquisition workforce. Various department entities have moved their personnel onto the system, with 16,000 civilians currently participating. About 3,000 of those are Air Force staff.

The 13,000 additional Air Force civilians will be moved to the AcqDemo system by June 12. In the most recent Defense authorization bill, Congress authorized the program to continue through 2020. The overwhelming majority of participating employees do not have union representation.

The pay banding, or broadbanding, system will consolidate the 15 GS grades to four categories…

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