VA Requests More Money for $1.3 Billion Non-Functional System


ScribeAmerica-VA-Crisis-II-780x500px.jpg Image:  ScribeAmerica


“Congress made a substantial investment in the Veterans Benefits Management System that is still not functionally operational after six years

The cost overruns are due to poor VA oversight including numerous unplanned changes to the system and inefficient contracting, according to federal audits by the VA inspector general and the Government Accountability Office.

Department officials told the House Committee on Veterans Affairs that it expects to request more money from Congress for its $1.3-billion electronic benefits management system, which has helped decrease a backlog of paper disability claims but also increased in cost by 122 percent since it was set up in 2009.

Dawn Bontempo, director of the VA’s Veterans Benefits Management System, said the electronic system was designed to be regularly updated and improved, which is the reason for the continuing costs.

“We will never stop looking for ways to improve service to our…

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