Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm

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Is your Website mobile ready?

The change of Googles Ranking Algorithm is important for every Website.

The background on this is quite simple as you see at the Infographic. Since 2015 there are more mobile visitors than desktop visitors on Websites. So Google is more than right to do this change in the ranking algorithm. To check your rank, there are different tools. One of them is Page Rank Checker

Check your Website for Mobile use and make sure it works and it look nice!

Have a look to your Website with your mobile and judge yourself.

Use a Mobile Simulator

An easy tool to view your Website from different mobile devices might be on of the different Mobile Simulators.

I just did a test with and here you see some results

aixvox on iphone5 Website on iPhone 5

aixvox on nokia Website on Nokia Lumia

aixvox on IPAD Website on iPad

As you see, it looks a bit…

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