Dutch Cops Teaching Eagles To Hunt Drones




“It’s exactly the kind of protection you would expect from a bird of prey and symbol of patriotic vim.

If it seems silly or stunt-like, keep in mind that more conventional drone containment methods aren’t much better.

The video above shows one such encounter, orchestrated by the Dutch National Police. Law enforcement in the Netherlands has apparently partnered with a “raptor-training company” called Guard From Above to teach eagles to identify drones, snatch them out of the sky, and fly them somewhere away from the public.

As a recent study from non-profit group Open Briefing details, the available options fall into two camps: “shoot it” or “jam its sensors.” In the former case, you might miss (and hit something else), and even if you hit you’re left with a heavy drone falling to earth, potentially onto someone’s head. In the latter, you end up canceling out GPS or radio…

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