Leadership Introspection: The Only Person You Can Actually Change Is Yourself


Leading change means dealing with resistance. Whether in organizations or in our personal lives. Many change initiatives fail because people are not willing or not able to follow the new direction. A huge amount of energy goes into trying to manage the resistance and trying to convince, motivate, encourage, stimulate, or force people to follow the change. And often only with mediocre results! How can we do better? What are we missing?

There is a crucial ground rule in change management that defines our success as a leader of change. And it is very easily neglected!

LeadershipWatch Leadership QuoteTake some time to let this sink in…

‘People do not resist change, they resist being changed.’ Why? Because you and me, we all, we like to be able to lead our own lives. We like to have the ‘steering wheel’ in our own hands. We like to feel that we accomplish things by…

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