America’s Deadly Gun Addiction By the Numbers




“The US is home to more firearms than adults.

More people own guns here than in any other nation; and the US is also host to more gun deaths per capita than any other advanced country.

It’s proven: Laws help, as evidenced by lower rates of gun deaths in states with stricter firearm laws. The gun lobby begs to differ, though, and every background check in the world can’t ensure that a nine millimeter passed down through generations won’t prematurely end someone’s life. Here’s the shocking data behind America’s problem with gun violence.

USA Is #1 in Civilian Gun Owners

Civilians own three-quarters of the world’s firearms, and Americans have more than anybody else.


 But Despite That—and an Endless Gun Supply—US Firearm Deaths Remain Flat

The number of new firearms available in the US has more than tripled in…

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