5 Strategies for SB’s During Tight Government Budget Times


Small Business InnovationINTRODUCTION:

The budgets for over 100 agencies making up the federal government are shrinking.

Decision makers are being forced to seek suppliers who can fulfill needs at the lowest acceptable price and still provide best value.

With the budget ax falling hard, the smaller enterprise will have opportunity to perform vital functions at lower cost burdens than the larger corporations.

Acquisition officials running lean on help will speed up the acquisition process, issuing necessary requests for proposals to companies and executing contract awards quicker. Marketing must be focused and fine-tuned.

The sooner the government can receive the feedback from the draft RFP, the more likely it is that the service acquisition teams can adapt the programs to industry and economic realities.

Officials have recently been quoted as saying, “We probably will be getting the requirements out and the drafts out earlier to industry so they can review and comment on…

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