$1.6 Trillion Current Value of Pentagon Procurement Programs


Pentagon Peg Round Hole“DEFENSE ONE”

“$1.6 trillion. That’s the total value of the Pentagon’s 79 procurement programs,according to DoD’s latest Selected Acquisition Report.

And there’s good and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad: The Navy is canceling its Remote Minehunting System. The project has been delayed for years and its reliability has been called into question, Reuters reports. And here‘s a bit more from USNI News.

Better news: The F-35 is going to cost a bit less than previously thought. The latest Pentagon estimates peg the total project at $379 billion, down $12 billion from last year’s estimates. Also: the Air Force and Navy plan to fly their jets fewer flight hours each year. Instead of flying each plane 300 hours per year, they’re now looking to fly it 250 hours per year. What does that mean? Since the planes are built to last 8,000 hours, they’re now…

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