Hillary Clinton : the best of times and the worst of times; A tale of Two Cities : Both Sides Now (the female Jay Gatsby… there and back again)  

Akira Morikawa

‘Maybe it’s a byproduct of a self-effacing Midwestern Methodist upbringing, or a fear of failure and a defensive instinct instilled by a father who was demanding and hypercritical. Part of it is she’s been beaten up for a long time and that accentuates her fear of making a mistake,’ says David Axelrod, chief strategist for Barack Obama‘s 2008 presidential campaign.

*Hillary Clinton : the best of times and the worst of times; A Tale of Two Cities : Both Sides Now (the female Jay Gatsby)… there and back again)

(During her 2008 campaign) Her unhappy history with Republican attacks and media coverage of controversies from the Whitewater Scandal to Monica Lewinsky was an understandable explanation for her defensive posture. But it translated into a reluctance to go off-script and expose herself to the public, which cost her a strained relationship with voters.

She’s made an effort…

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