Nuit Debout : ‘Night on our feet’ activists challenge the French entrenched political-elites

Akira Morikawa

We want a society built on something else than just profit and money-making. The French political system is hopelessly-alienated from large sections of its youth, and even a return to business as usual in the Place de la Republiquewill not mean the end of the trouble for the discredited political elite. The movement, called Nuit Debout; ‘Night on our feet’, has become a major-headache for the socialist government, which has tried without success to weaken it through a carrot-and-stick approach of policy announcements that benefit unemployed-youth together with police-harassment.

The future hinges on two factors: the response of the government to the situation, and the ability of the movement to coalesce around a set of defined principles and objectives. The movement is extremely young, and at the moment many people are discovering themselves as active-participants in a large group for the very first time. As the movement…

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