Sea of Dreams

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

So I got an email from my mad South Pacific amigo Mike. I wrote about him in The Missing Cashbox and the Nguru Patrol, and he’s still going strong. His email, sent to a few of his saltier friends, said he was thinking about buying a sailboat that was up “on the hard”, meaning hauled out of the water, in Fiji.

ice boatHis heartfelt plea was entitled “Please, talk me out of this folly…!”

Being a compassionate man, I moved quickly to forestall such abject lunacy as buying a boat. I wrote back and said I was duty bound to remind him of the first rule of swabby sailors the world over, men and women alike, which is:

If it floats, flies, or f-f-f-fornicates, rent it, don’t buy it!

But that felt unfinished, so to cover other eventualities I added:

However, as your friend I…

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