Air Force Stock Piling $3.2 Billion of Guided Bombs

YOUR Tax Dollars and YOUR Children’s Debt  at Work “DOD BUZZ” ” The US Air Force announced this week it was nearly doubling a contract with Boeing Co. for more guided-bombs.…

Source: Air Force Stock Piling $3.2 Billion of Guided Bombs

2010 Program to End Veterans Homelessness Now Overdue

“MILITARY TIMES” “In 2010, federal officials launched an unprecedented plan to end veterans homelessness by late 2015. Now, six months after that deadline was missed, advocates ar…

Source: 2010 Program to End Veterans Homelessness Now Overdue

Treat everyone with dignity and respect asks Rikki Arundel

Why is Gender Identity so Important?

On common unhappiness

In Studies on Hysteria (1895) co-wrote with Breuer, Freud wrote about “transforming your hysterical misery into common unhappiness”. What is common unhappiness and what can we take from…

Source: On common unhappiness

Intelligence Briefings for the Presidential Nominees

  “THE CIPHER BRIEF” “Both our adversaries and our allies and partners will be listening closely, extremely closely, to what the candidates say about the issues during the ca…

Source: Intelligence Briefings for the Presidential Nominees

Meet the Leader Quest: Bonus Day

MEET THE LEADERS QUEST EXTENDED You have until JUNE 2 at 8:00 pm ET (That’s 00:00 UTC.) to complete the Meet the Leaders Quest and collect more than 7 million eaves. FEATURED LEADERS: Keep yo…

Source: Meet the Leader Quest: Bonus Day

BIG NEWS: What you need to know today

MUST READ for all players. LEADER JACKPOT SMASHES LAST GOAL: BIG congratulations to all  Empire.Kred leaders! More than 40 players joined yesterday, zooming past the quadruple goal and unlocking BO…

Source: BIG NEWS: What you need to know today

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