Walking Odin’s Path

A Polytheistic Life

Odin’s path is, in some ways, the most complicated of the many paths I walk. He is a leader, a warrior, a scholar, a poet, and a shaman. That’s a lot of roles to fill, and it can be somewhat overwhelming at times. it can be easy to fall into mainstream thinking because it’s easier to do – easier to just let things be easy and to go with the crowd. Even on pagan paths, there’s a mainstream. Ironic, really, that there’s a mainstream way of doing things in a minority religion, but it’s not really that surprising.

Asatru, in particular, is notorious for the self-righteous heathens that make up a large percentage of the faith. There’s a very narrow definition of what is and isn’t okay in Asatru. I’ve been told that the only acceptable religious practices in Asatru are those that are found within the lore, but the…

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Getting Ready – Making Plans

Hi, I’m Odin! In the first part of February, I start my 2020 hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. I plan on Photographing, Writing and Video Recording updates of my journey.

Last spring, I hiked GA and part of NC of the Appalachian Trail. I came home and hiked part of the North Country Trail onto the Superior Hiking Trail from Canada to Duluth, MN. My Facebook page is @odinbackpacking Also, I will post a blog to my website – http://www.odinbackpacking.com

In the next few weeks travel arrangements will be made. I’ll post my gear selections and some resupply ideas.

AT 2005, Roll 15: This is the End

Ryan M. Ignatius

Hey, ya’ll!  Thanks for hiking again with Amber and I.

This is the last roll of pictures from our trip, so please check out the other 14 rolls of our Appalachian Trail hike if you missed any part of the journey!

Amber and I finished on Thanksgiving Day in 2005, 5 months (150 days) after starting hiking in Maine.

01-034_2-8 As we moved through November in the North Carolina and Georgia mountains, our mornings got colder and colder!

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